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Business Technical Support – Software Support for WordPress, Shopify, etc.

Business Technical Support – Software Support for WordPress, Shopify, etc.

 Business Technical Support – Software Support for WordPress, Shopify, etc.

Technical support has been the calling card of millions of contractors for over 20 years.

Like the car mechanics of the 20th century, they exist to support millions of users of IT systems, many of whom receive little or no support from their manufacturers.

There are many services that GeekSquad has provided 24/7 support over the years, but there is one issue that most of these providers don't support. It's software.

Lack of software support

Everything from web hosting, DNS, cloud email, to the systems that run your web infrastructure (such as WordPress) require ongoing maintenance, support, and assistance.

This is generally not covered by the major technical support providers, so many "smaller" providers fill the gap.

The scope is simple - if you have a problem with WordPress, Microsoft Azure, Exchange, Office, Photoshop or any other software service provider, there are a number of ways to get the fixes provided by a support company.

The difference is that the majority of support companies do NOT deal with code - only surface-level issues which are generally fixable by looking at tutorials online. In fact, it's not uncommon to find companies just relying other [third party] information to help resolve clients' problems.

To this end, if you have issues installing & customizing WordPress themes, managing inventory in Shopify, fixing Javascript errors, ensuring that web servers are set up properly, fixing issues with domain names, etc - there are presently *no* providers to provide this level of granularity, even for a cost.

This is where a number of "software" centric support providers started to provide services - giving companies & people the opportunity to get their entire digital infrastructure running as smoothly as possible with the provision of underlying software-level support. Usage

The rationale for all of this is that there is a "gray area" between where many "support" companies operate and what their customers ultimately need.

This gray area has expanded over the past five years or more due to advancements in various "cloud"-centric technologies, especially Microsoft's Azure and its services.

Technology businesses are in transition. Soon, all "software" will be considered a "service". That means you have apps like Amazon, YouTube, and Evernote on your desktop. The need for a web browser turns from a "jack of all trades" tool to a simple his one information consumption device. .

It doesn't matter, but it does indicate that the 'market' is moving towards an entirely software/services centric model. So there are a lot of companies in odd positions.

You may need to manage, maintain, and support your digital infrastructure, but you don't currently have a vendor to help you.

It may soun trivial, but you can set up Evernote in the most efficient way, use Zapier to design and implement an effective system, or use Google Docs to create powerful spreadsheets for your new business. to create and so on... No other provider can do this to ensure your company's digital infrastructure operates smoothly and effectively in the 'new' cloud era.

"Old" vendors focus too much on hardware implementation/"infrastructure" level issues... Newer vendors typically focus on smaller issues for devices such as iPhones, Androids and other tools. increase.

A "software" centric provider helps users maintain their infrastructure as effectively as possible. Basically, it gives many businesses/consumers a shoulder to fall back on if "something" is wrong with their system.

Both providers work similarly (offer "online"). 

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