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Best Website Design Platform? WordPress – 7 Reasons Why

Best Website Design Platform? WordPress – 7 Reasons Why

 Best Website Design Platform? WordPress – 7 Reasons Why

If you are a website designer or just starting a website or blog for the first time, you probably already know that WordPress is the best website design platform available today. Some website designers tried other web hosting platforms, but eventually returned to WordPress based on all the features listed below for web sites that needed revenue and lead generation performance. It's an attractive solution for your site.

• Content Delivery Engine – When configured properly (most people don't), WordPress can be a content delivery engine. Configure your WordPress website for distribution to search engines, ping sites, social media sites, social bookmarking sites, and RSS aggregator sites. This will retrieve all blog posts submitted to over 10,000 websites. You can find your post within minutes on Google.

• Plugins – WordPress has a myriad of plugins available that you can use on your website. All of these are easy to download and use on your website and are completely free. Regardless of what your website needs functionally, WordPress usually has the necessary plugins so you don't have to write custom software for it.

• Themes - Website designers know that one of the most important aspects of creating an attractive website is the availability of great looking themes. WordPress has thousands of themes, all of which are fully customizable to his specific website design needs. Themes are available in open format, 1-column, 2-column, 3-column, with different colors and graphics.

• Cost – While you can set up a free website or blog with WordPress.com, serious business designers and website designers can choose to set up their own domain name (and, if desired, a premium or professionally designed website design). ) can be set up as a WordPress website hoster at the following rates: $60 per year. This is a small investment in a business tool that becomes a significant revenue stream and business lead generation.

• Intra-Site Linking – Having a solid linking scheme on your website's pages is very important for both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and usability. WordPress links pages via SEO-friendly menus and dedicated pages such as Tags, Categories, and Archives, and blog widgets such as Tag Cloud, Recent Posts, and Recent Comments. • Simplicity – WordPress is very easy to use. Even modern website designers can easily install WordPress with one click. New website designers don't need to know anything about computers to use WordPress to host their websites.Once installed, you can log into your account, add a page or blog post, and edit it. just start the It's as easy as using a word processor like Microsoft Word. • Easily Customizable – After setting up your website with WordPress, you can customize your WordPress web design very easily. Website designers will love all the WordPress widgets that are easy to design with drag and drop. You'll find that you can literally do almost anything with WordPress themes.

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