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Should you buy car rental insurance - tips and tricks

Should you buy car rental insurance - tips and tricks

 Should you buy car rental insurance - tips and tricks

If you rent a car for business or leisure, you may be wondering if you need car rental insurance. Auto insurance protects you from the unexpected. When you rent a car, most car rental companies will try to sell you car insurance.

Auto insurance sold by car rental companies includes:

o Comprehensive insurance or comprehensive insurance to protect you from damage or theft of your rental car. However, driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding, and accidents on unpaved roads are not covered by insurance. o Liability insurance in accordance with your state's laws. Although this provides a deductible, it is not sufficient in case of serious accidents.

o Personal accident insurance to cover medical and ambulance costs for you and your passengers.

o Personal item protection to protect your personal items from theft.

However, before purchasing a cover, you should consider the following points:

a If you rent a car often, it's cheaper to get non-owner insurance to protect you and your spouse. Most include uninsured or underinsured auto insurance, personal injury protection or PIP, and health insurance. However, you may need to purchase Collision Damage Waiver Insurance from the rental company to protect your rental car.

B. You should check to see if your car insurance includes a rental car. In most cases, auto insurance liability limitations also apply to rental cars. Check our policies to see if we cover car rentals.

C. Many credit cards offer coverage. So check if your card offers this possibility and the specific conditions that apply. Check if you need to take out insurance. D. At the latest in the case of car rental companies, liability for damage caused by "forces of nature". Make sure you understand what each sentence in the rental agreement means, and always dig deeper and request clarification on any clause you don't understand. When you rent a car, check to see if your private car insurance covers "natural disasters".

e. The coverage of car insurance for rental cars varies depending on the company. So, if you rent a car, find out exactly who and what your car insurance covers. Many policies may apply only to you, or you and your spouse.

Q. If you rent a car outside the United States, car insurance may not cover loss, damage, or personal injury to the car. Additional insurance may be required for international travel.

G. Before you rent a car, check to see if the car rental company includes basic liability insurance, standard full comprehensive insurance, and theft insurance in their service at no extra charge.

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